Aims and Scope

The need for formation, management and improvement of today's built environment in urban societies is the demand of the citizens and the beneficiaries of this type of environments. In this regard, interdisciplinary challenges and in particular related disciplines such as architecture, urbanism and environmental sciences play a significant role in the formation of these environments.

Studies of Architecture, Urbanism and Environmental Sciences Journal (abbreviation: SAUES) is a bi-annual, international, academic publication focusing on the theoretical, practical and research aspects of the fields of architecture, urbanism and environmental sciences. The journal aims to provide a scientific forum for gathering distinguished scholars, academics, experts and students interested in interdisciplinary, applied and operational research to share their latest most innovative ideas for resolving the challenges facing today’s societies. In other words, the journal aims to build a bridge between theory and practice and connects different viewpoints of resolving challenges and urban problems. Hence, the journal extends his hand to all scientific communities and individuals concerned in any way with building an alive city or an environment having high quality of residential standards.

The scope of the journal includes but is not limited to the following subjects:


  • Concept of  dwelling
  • Research based design
  • Design process in architecture
  • Architectural technology
  • Architecture and behavioral sciences
  • Sustainable architecture


  • Urban structure
  • Urban aesthetics
  • Urban morphology
  • Urban cultural and social spaces
  • Urban identity
  • Urban design process
  • Practical issues in urban studies
  • Human – oriented cities
  • Pedestrian – oriented cities
  • City – village concept
  • Urban vitality

Environmental Sciences

  • Geographical sciences and urban spaces
  • Environmental changes and urbanism
  • Urban environment
  • Natural environment vs. built environment
  • Urban spaces, life cycle and natural resources
  • Human-environment interaction
  • Urban sustainable development and environmental sciences