Exploring the role of architectural design in creating a sense of security and residential satisfaction in affordable residential complexes for young Iranian low-income families

Document Type : Research Paper


Department of Architecture, Kerman Branch, Islamic Azad University, Kerman, Iran


The most important requirement of the family after food and clothing is housing. It also plays an important role in providing safety and security etc. for the family. Security is important therefore it is placed among other human physiological needs like food, shelter and sanitation. Security feeling is one of the main factors
in stability of urban spaces. It can be said that secure environment is essential for humans and is one of their basic requirements. Security feeling is one of the human-environmental factors which can play an important role in human satisfaction from the place they are living in. In addition to reducing construction costs in affordable housing for increasing residential satisfaction, living expenses in housing should also be reduced. The main purpose of this paper is to establish architectural design strategies which are effective in providing security as an important factor in residential satisfaction in affordable housing. By designing acceptable space in addition to reduce costs in affordable housing, residential satisfaction will increase as well. The research methodology used here is content analysis; after collecting information through taking notes and coding we come to build security measures including creating appropriate neighborhood, creating active users, designing appropriate physical spaces, increasing visibility, not creating defenseless spaces, privacy separation, etc.